Testing MMS, Most Awaited iPhone Feature

Finally the days when you had to visit a special website to view MMS are gone. It took two years for Apple from the first iPhone launch to come out with MMS. That’s a long time but I guess we all know Apple likes to hype every little thing it does with the iPhone because as it brings in new customers.

I received a TXT message Friday night, it said :

Picture and video messaging (MMS) is now available for iPhone. Your existing messaging plan includes unlimited send and receipt of text, picture & video messages. To enable MMS messaging, connect your iPhone to your computer and click “Check for Update” in iTunes, then restart your phone.

Yes, this time there wasn’t a big file to download which is the usually the case with iPhone updates. I followed everything to the word and here is the result:

MMS Demonstration

When you Receive a MMS

Once you slide to view, something like this shows up:

MMS Screen

Viewing the MMS

The scary looking guy you see is ME. My wife took a picture using LG Shine and then sent it to me via MMS. The other picture is that of State Capitol building in Sacramento, I sent that picture to my wife and it worked just fine.

Verdict: Easy update and fast delivery.

  • harryto

    It took two years for the iPhone to finally receive and send MMS. This feature should've been in the iPhone from the start.

  • I agree, like I said… Apple likes to keep things in the pipeline and release it with time in order to keep the sales going… so far the strategy seems to be working.