zahid lilani

10 Reasons Why People Don’t Follow You On Twitter

Just because you have 500 friends on Facebook or MySpace doesn’t mean you will also have the same amount of friends (aka followers) on Twitter. Think again! You have got Twitter completely wrong if you think Twitter is for social networking with friends and family. Twitter’s mantra is Share, Engage, Repeat.

10 Reasons Why People Don't Follow You On Twitter

If you have got Twitter right but still can’t figure out why no one will follow you, make sure you are not making any of the following 10 mistakes.

1 – Not Tweeting
No one will follow you if you don’t have anything to share, that’s the whole point of Twitter. Before you start following anyone, start Tweeting.

2 – Posting Useless Tweets
No one cares if you need to go to the bathroom or feel like eating a donut. Don’t be lame if you are on Twitter, be interesting.

3 – Excessive Re-Tweets
Why should I follow you if you are re-tweeting someone else 24/7? I can just follow that person who you think is very interesting.

4 – Default Avatar
Default Twitter avatar is ugly, you should make sure you replace it with your personal pic or a company logo if it is a business. No one likes to follow an ugly bird…

5 – Quotes
You might be a philosopher but honestly no one cares on Twitter that you are one. Stop posting random quotes by great philosophers or others in general. A nice quote once in a while makes sense but not everyday.

6 – No Reply
If someone is asking a question and you know it is directed towards you, take out some time and reply. It is very important because if you don’t, your Twitter stream will tell others that all your care about is yourself.

7 – Begging
Don’t ask others to click a link, visit your blog, signup with some crappy service, or Digg your post. Simply put, begging doesn’t belong on Twitter.

8 – Swearing
If you are swearing at a friend, guess what? Everyone else is also looking at it and it is not like you are sending a text message. Stop swearing at your friends and others because it just shows that you have no respect and can’t handle yourself online.

9 – Spammer Personality
No one likes to follow anyone who is following 1000 people and has only 5 followers, that is a pretty messed up ratio if you ask me. Most people just assume you are a spammer because that’s what spammers do. (dumb)

10 – Excessive Tweets
Keep your Twitter stream meaningful by not Tweeting more than 15-20 times/day unless you really have to.

Just think for yourself, what are you offering to your potential followers? People are not born interesting and that shouldn’t come as surprise to you. Keep in mind, Share, Engage, Repeat.