Adsense Earnings since 2003

My AdSense earnings since 2003

AdSense first came to being in April of 2003 when Google acquired Applied Semantics. I signed up for AdSense in October of 2003 and have used it since to monetize my blogs and websites. I did try few other networks (CJ & LinkShare) but never had any major success. Primarily because they used the banner model whereas AdSense was text based and showed relevant ads.

Between October 2003 to December 2011, I made $7602.89 using AdSense. That’s little over $900/year. Not much by any standards but I don’t do this for living so I am not going to complain.

2007 was my best year because I was running number of websites that I ended up selling because of time constraints. Websites are akin to dividend paying stocks; more you have, more money you make.

I have never talked about my earnings in the past because I didn’t want to be seen as a blogger who is in it for money. I am talking about it now because I feel everyone should blog and most don’t because they don’t think it is rewarding. It can be as rewarding as you want it to be, just don’t quit your day job.

Comment to Engage, Not Annoy

One of the best ways to increase your credibility and highlight your knowledge is to be part of other blogs in your niche. Being part of other blogs means to read them with some regularity and comment from time to time.

Commenting is the first step towards engagement. A good comment can lead to a more meaningful dialogue. I know, it is not easy to comment everytime you read a post so don’t force it. Chances are, your comment will look spammy and meaningless. Depending on the blog, you might be called out and lose a lot of credibility.

Bloggers love it when someone adds to the topic or points out another angle. It gives them the ability to interact and humanize. It’s not a machine writing a blog post; its a human behind the blog. By commenting you are indirectly telling the blogger that you care and support the effort.

Few Tips

– Comment only if you feel you are adding to the topic or enhancing it by talking about your own experience.
– Look for opinionated posts that have a clear black and white stand. It makes easier to comment if you disagree.
– Read other comments and don’t repeat the same thing.
– Respect the author and avoid personal attack.
– Stay on topic.
– Never add a link to your website in the comment box. 99% of bloggers moderate links in comments.

There is no SEO value in commenting so shun the blogs that advice to the contrary. My personal blog made it to some kind of list that had all the “do-follow” blogs listed even though I use Disqus and I was being bombarded with comment spammers. That was one year ago… things are much better now… Don’t use a list to comment; it’s just not worth it.

What is that you think makes for an effective comment? Do you incorporate a certain style?