Weekly Roundup Of Interesting Social Media News Stories

Weekly roundup of interesting social media news Stories from around the web. Stories are hand picked and not computer generated. I Hope you enjoy your Social Media Sunday.

Foursquare may bounce social media into money-making modeChicago Tribune

Fooursquare’s success has proven that social media is capable of monetizing itself if a proper strategy is implemented. People like games and Frousquare gives people what they want in a fun way and lets owners of restaurants and other popular spots be in charge. Twitter’s loss is Foursquare’s gain.

100 Ways To Measure Social Media by David Berkowitz for Digital Connections

Social Media ROI is a hot topic. Everyone involved in social media wants to know how to mesure the success or lack of. David Berkowitz lays out 100 ways one can start measuring social media depending on the industry.

Retailers add tweets, pals to advertising – by David Kaplan for Houston Chronicle

A look at how retailers like Staples, JC Penney, and Best Buy used social media to lure shoppers to their Black Friday deals.

Social Media Minute: LinkedIn Opens To Developers, Twitter Gets a Revenue Modelby Jason Harris for CMSWire

Analysis of social media news related to Twitter going corporate to make money, LinkedIn opening up to developers, Xbox embracing social media and Brizzly going public for all users.

Social Media Brings Thanksgiving To The Tableby Caroline Giegerich for Huffington Post

LA Times Social Media Guidelines Lead to Much Moreby Frank Reed for Marketing Pilgrim

Social Media Analytics: Twitter: Quantitative & Qualitative Metricsby Avinash Kaushik


Clixtr Launches Its Newly Revamped Homepage

Few weeks back I had talked about Clixtr and how it is so revolutionary as a location based photo sharing service. Yesterday they launched a new homepage that makes it easier for new members and existing users to search for events and look at photos.

Clixtr Logo

Clixtr’s iPhone App wasn’t free in the beginning but is free now. When I first used the service, the ability to add photos “after the fact” wasn’t encouraged but available. By that I mean, photos you take using some other source and not an iPhone and later decide to upload on Clixtr. You can now easily add new photos from the event page, even if you didn’t create the event.

In their own words:

Clixtr allows users to create geo-tagged events and upload mobile photos. Using the iPhone GPS, Clixtr users create instant, location-aware, group photo albums. Clixtr users primarily add photos through the iPhone application, but the newly released website allows anyone to contribute. The real-time platform allows people to follow and contribute to events as they happen around the corner and around the world.

I used Clixtr at an event earlier this month and loved it. It’s easy to take photos, create events, follow events and comment on other events. If I get some time this week or maybe next, I will do a how-to guide on using Clixtr.

Have you used Clixtr? What do you like about it? Anything you would like to share? Let me know, I am all ears eyes!


Chris Brogan’s Advice For Businesses Starting With Social Media

Over the weekend I came across this video on Social Media Examiner where Chris Brogan lays out few steps Businesses can take when starting out in the social media sphere.

Enjoy the video


Best iPhone App For Black Friday Deals

Last year my Black Friday shopping list was pretty much empty. This year things are different as I am looking for a laptop and maybe a TV.

I searched the iPhone app store and downloaded couple of apps. The first app I downloaded was very disappointing. The second one I downloaded made me really happy because it gave me what I wanted.

TGI Black Friday

As soon as you run the app, it gives you exactly what you want. Popular deals and New ads, browse the way you like. After you are done and want to explore more, you will find four different tabs at the bottom of the app.

TGI Black Friday iPhone App

Store tab shows you all the stores supported by the app. Category tab allows you to view deals in over 15 categories.

TGI Black Friday iPhone App

Search tab just exactly that, lets you search for any item you want and the last tab allows you to create your own shopping list.

Download TGI Friday iPhone App | Visit Developers Site

Do you know of a better way to look for Black Friday deals? What are you going to shop for on Black Friday?


Weekly Roundup Of Interesting Social Media News Stories

Weekly roundup of interesting social media news Stories from around the web. Stories are hand picked and not computer generated. I Hope you enjoy your Social Media Sunday.

Attracted to brands on social media? by Kit Yarro for SF Chronicle

A candid look at how social media is creating relationships with Generation Y. Companies that have given importance to social media will be the winners as they have created a fan base and future customers by building relationships.

Time Spent Viewing Video on Social Networking Sites Up 98% Year-Over-Year In OctoberNielsen

Facebook seems to be the leader in social media video viewing. Please keep in mind, Facebook is different from YouTube and most of the time videos being viewed on Facebook happen to be from YouTube. MySpace follows Facebook in online video viewing.

TechSqueeze: The Boca Chief’s Use of Social Media and OutreachBroward Palm Beach

Interesting story about how Boca Rotan’s Chief of Police is using social media to connect with the local community and building relationships at the same time. He is passionate about Twitter.

Social media like Twitter change customer serviceUSA Today

Article about how ordinary people have used social media sites like Twitter to get attention from companies like Comcast and Dell.

Social Media Success Stories – by Erik Qualman for Search Engine Watch

14 case studies of companies using social media that have had positive ROI.