Buy, Beg or Bug?

The New Rules of Marketing and PR keynote presentation and Q&A session delivered by David Meerman Scott at the Business Marketing Association 2009 national “Unlearn” conference. Scott argues that when others spread your ideas and tell your stories online, buyers are eager to do business with you and all kinds of doors begin to open.


Why Was Twitter Hacked Today?

By now you must be well aware that Twitter was hacked, don’t worry it is now running smoothly. I visited the usual social media suspects and found out that most of them were just running with the story and no one addressed why it was done today and if it will be done again.

Here is what the image that Iranian Cyber Army put up looks like:

Twitter Hacked

So Why Was Twitter Hacked Today?

It is the 1st of Muharram in Iran, Islamic New Year. Muharam marks the beginning of the Hijri (Muslim) Calendar. Iranian Cyber Army was just trying to wish Twitter “Happy New Year” in a way one wishes an enemy.

On a more serious note, Muharram is the most sacred month in Iran as the majority population is Shi’a. The first 10 days of Muharram commemorate the Martyrdom of Hussain (A.S), the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). He was killed while defending Islam, Iranian Cyber Army chose 1st of Muharram for a reason. See the big picture?

The red wording on the green flag says “Ya Hussain” in Arabic (I don’t speak Arabic, I can read it though). Rest I believe is in Farsi, I have asked an Iranian friend to translate but if you know it, please let me know what it means so that I can update the post.

Why Twitter and not Facebook?

Here is a quote from CNN that I think sums it all up:

Earlier this summer when Iran’s disputed presidential election spiraled into bloody protests, the opposition took to social networking and used Twitter to inform the world. Protesters beamed images from the violent protests at a time when the mainstream media outlets had a hard time getting access to Iran. Twitter became so fundamental in spreading news of the protests that followed that the U.S. State Department asked the company to delay a planned shutdown for maintenance.

I have highlighted the reason why I think Twitter was hacked and not Facebook in BOLD.

Just a heads up for Twitter, they might want to consider beefing things up for 10th of Muharram.

Blogging Strategy: Extending Your Voice To The World

Jeremiah Owyang is very well known social media strategist and was recently in Doha, Qatar for ictQatar. He did a keynote presentation about blogging strategy in general and how to connect to the world.

Owyang’s presentation is insightful and informational. Without getting too political, I would like to outright say that blogging is form of expression and self thought process, it serves it purpose well only when there are no boundaries, freedom of speech.

Though it is interesting to see that countries like Qatar and U.A.E are at the forefront of innovation, it is important to point out that blogging is a step by step process. It has to start at the grass roots and then move to the next level, not the other way around.


Weekly Roundup Of Interesting Social Media News Stories

Weekly roundup of interesting social media news Stories from around the web. Stories are hand picked and not computer generated. I Hope you enjoy your Social Media Sunday.

Groom stops wedding to update his twitter status – by Lauren V. for Examiner
On my wedding day, I was nervous and was chewing gum to pretend I wasn’t. I am sure I am not alone in this, most people are nervous on their wedding day and really don’t think about “anything” else. Spur-of-the-moment gesture or social media addiction? You decide…

Google, Twitter Woo Small Businesses – by Liz Gannes for GigaOM
No one cares if Dell makes millions of Twitter but if more small businesses started making money on Twitter, there will be an increase in small business paying a premium price to stay connected. Both Twitter and Google are betting on this but Google is doing things differently then Twitter.

Yahoo to Expand Facebook Integration – by Juan Carlos Perez for PC World
Maybe Yahoo! wants to try each and everything under the sun before it gives up to Microsoft. I am sorry if you like Yahoo! but Yahoo’s days are numbered and there is a 10% chance that their new social media experiment with Facebook might keep it afloat for maybe couple more years. In case you don’t know, Microsoft invested in Facebook back in 2007 and though this might sound little far fetched, Facebook will some day have the capability and the market share to swallow Yahoo! with Microsoft’s backing.

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Dip In Blog Traffic During Holiday Season?

As the holiday season nears, if you are in the U.S and your primary audience is North American then you will see a decline in the number of people who visit your blog. I am sure you know what the reason is, people are busy doing other things.

There is not much you can do about dip in blog traffic then to keep blogging with some regularity. You can also do what I am doing this month, slowing down a bit. It is a good time to reflect at the year that was 2009 and see if you can do things differently next year.

I started this particular blog in September and I have experimented with few posts and have been able to understand my audience. I will soon plan out an entire list of goals I would like to achieve next year. Keep and eye out for that and make sure you follow my lead.

Dip in blog traffic is a cyclical event that is predictable every year. Make something out of it by reflecting and learning. Excellent time to listen and generate more ideas.