My Response to “Come home to Netflix” Email

In my inbox today, Come home to Netflix, oh joy!

My Response to Come home to Netflix Email

Dear Netflix,

I understand your stock is down almost 70%, you laid of 15 people because you lost 800,000 subscribers and the ongoing PR nightmare over the break-up of your service into streaming and mail and then the realization that you made a terrible mistake.

Still, I am not coming back because your letter to shareholder said:

“We won’t have every movie or TV series; but we do provide enough value that consumers also want to subscribe to Netflix.” -Page 6

You have more streaming subscribers and still the quality of titles you have available is mediocre and on top of that you are telling me you won’t have every movie or TV series. You are not providing any value to me, when you do, I will come back.

Yours Unfaithful,



PeerIndex – Yes, there is a Klout Alternative

Klout announced a better, more accurate way to measure online influence but it might have pulled a Netflix. The change was drastic for some Klout loyalists and their loyalty today turned into all out boycott. Heck, there is a even a @OccupyKlout Twitter account and Occupy URL modified site.

I didn’t know if there was a Klout alternative so I searched and found few but none of them stand up to Klout except for one – PeerIndex.

PeerIndex - Klout Alternative

PeerIndex is built up of three components: authority, activity and audience scores. Authority relates to trust and credibility, activity relates to the expertise in topics you are most passionate about and audience relates to number of people you impact or influence.

It lets you add Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts; more coming soon. Visuals are little on the geeky side but it works.

After thought

I am not selling, marketing or living off of Internet and could care less about my Klout score. The only reason I am interested in Klout, and now PeerIndex, is because I am a number cruncher (accountant) and love tools that visualize data and provide meaningful analytics. Score is a by product of Klout/PeerIndex; don’t care much but won’t complain if it lands me a perk.


A Survival Guide for Facebook a.k.a Web within a Web

Facebook’s new Timeline feature can be considered an ambitious, but not unrealistic, vision for future. A future of web, within a web. A social web within the larger context of the World Wide Web. Homepage. Friends. Videos. Music. Photos. News. Everything organized by year, month, day…

Facebook Timeline

I joined Facebook in September 2006 when I got access to .edu email. If you are old enough to remember, it used to be a private network, only students with .edu email were able to join. At the time, I also had an account on Friendster, MySpace, hi5 and every other social network that popped up. Facebook was no different but there was something very unique about people on Facebook. They were all going to school with me, were students or had recently graduated. It was an online hangout place for college students.

When these same people graduated and moved on, Facebook eased its registration by opening it up to everyone. Soon, young adults in their early and late 20s started flocking, bringing their friends along with them. Rest, as they say, is history. Facebook today has 800+ million members.

In future, Facebook will be the largest player in the social sphere, with little or no competition. But, it will come with its own price – privacy. It will know everything about its users. Imagine reading a news story on Guardian, one of Facebook partner sites, and your Facebook profile posts an update about you reading the story. No clicking, no liking, no hoops. Seamless sharing, every time you browse partner sites. They refer to this as frictionless sharing which is a better name than calling it “24/7 sharing.”

Some might think that this is really awesome, but is it? What if you clicked on the article by mistake? What if it was something you didn’t want to share but a lapse in judgment caused you to click the link? No going back, there are people living on Facebook. Someone will see the update, no matter how quickly you try to remove it. Just look at the ticker on the right side of your Facebook profile. Blink, update, blink, update.

There is no solution, except caution and there is no point in quitting Facebook. I love the Timeline feature even though I have a blog and can document my entire life if I wanted to. Important events in my life are of concern to my friends, not the entire world. The preceding sentence doesn’t apply to famous people and pretenders Timeline is intuitive, user friendly and all my friends have access to it. We all have passively created a trail of events that can now be looked at and memorialized. Think death!

Keep in mind, the Facebook CEO is a young guy and will keep trying to maximize revenue by providing information related to its users to 3rd parties. Can’t blame him, I would do the same, if I were sitting on Geopbyte of user information. Diversify your digital footprint and don’t use everything Facebook offers. For e.g. use Fourquare to check in instead of Facebook.

Be smart about what you share, where you comment, what you do on Facebook and there won’t be any problems. Fingers crossed.


iPhone 4S – Will it blend?

Tom Dickson, I don’t know if that’s his real name, has been blending iPhones, iPad etc for a long time now and he recently took a shot at iPhone 4S. Here’s the video:

Yes, it does blend. I just feel terrible that this really did happened.


Siri is a female, don’t refer to her as it

iPhone 4S has incorporated a feature that will revolutionize things a phone can do. I am talking about Siri, a personal assistant that talks to you and helps you be more productive by taking voice commands. Won’t make coffee but that’s okay, there will some day be an app for that.

iPhone 4S Siri Personal Assistant

Rotary dial, dial pad, touch screen, and now a personal assistant. It must be the 21st century.

Everyone who talks about Siri is referring to her as ‘It’ and sometimes ‘She.’ The voice is that of a robotic female so ‘She’ or ‘Her’ is appropriate but is it really a female name? Turns out, it is.

I googled the name Siri, few baby name generators popped up with the meaning of the name and its origin. It’s a female name with three different origins.

Sridevi Siri in Hindi means “Godess Lakshmi” or “Godess of Wealth.” In Norwegian it means, “Beautiful and victorious.” In Swahili it means, “Secret.”

When I hear the name Siri, I think Sridevi, a very beautiful Bollywood actress who was quite famous back in the day. Her real name wasn’t Sridevi but it did suit her – pretty and wealthy.

What remains to be seen is if Siri would turn out to be a cash cow for Apple depending on how adaptable and appealing it proves to be. It is the best new feature of iPhone 4S.