It’s about time, Box

Finally, last week Box filed S-1 with SEC to go public. It’s about time.

Box HQ

I use Box every now and then to store important documents. I am not a customer, just a free user with 50GB storage, out of which, I have used 145MB. 

Box doesn’t make money, this wasn’t news to me. I knew this back when I prepared its 2011 tax return. In fact, it has long been speculated that Box is deep in red but the IPO news played out like an alarm clock going off. Overnight, every tech blogger out there turned into a financial analyst trying to warn the masses of the impending doom. That’s what I love about the internet, it’s free amusement for the knowledgeable and trivial anxiety for the gullible.

In the sea of startups, there is only one startup out there that has focused 100% on one thing and just one thing. That’s Box and the focus is enterprise cloud storage. Do one thing and do it right. Once the core product is nailed, they will have have all the time in the world to diversify their offerings.

After the IPO, things will get quite tough for Box. Wall street likes to see increase in revenues even if that doesn’t translate into profits. So far, that’s one thing going in the right direction for Box.

I promised myself that I won’t use the word “bleeding” in my post while talking about Box and won’t mention Aaron Levie’s ownership percentage in the company. I think I have succeeded, temptation has nothing on me.

But, I really suggest you read this Quora response by the man himself about his ownership percentage.

It takes lot of persistence to survive this long, I wish all the best to Box, its employees and investors.

Photo Credit: TechRepublic

Playing brain games on Lumosity wasn’t for me

On December 31st, 2013, I signed up on Lumosity. I had done few tests before but decided to pay $195 for the lifetime membership in order to have access to all the tests they offer.


Lumosity provides access to brain games that help memory, retention, concentration etc. I signed up because I can use some help, especially with information retention.

I took tests everyday. Just games, tricky games, math games. I felt couple times that I scored better because I knew the sequence. As if practice was making me better at something. Incidentally, through Business Insider, I came across an article that proved that I might actually be right about practice improving my score. The article quotes couple of fairly reliable studies and concludes that playing games overtime will improve performance within the scope of the game but with no real world application outside the controlled gaming environment.

I don’t know. I took advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee. Lumosity wasn’t for me.

Unlikely friendship, The Drone and the Kid

Recently, a story popped up on my Facebook newsfeed about this kid who made me laugh back in the day with his funny parody videos on YouTube. His name is Imran J. Khan, as in Imran J.K. Okay, never mind, bad joke. Little did I know, he is also married to someone my wife went to school with.


The story had a video associated with it, a Kickstarter campaign video, The Drone and the Kid. Imran is venturing into Pakistan to create a short fictional film about a kid who forges a friendship with a drone operator after witnessing a drone crash in his town. For this, he needs $7,500 and he is seeking your help. As of this post, he has raised $2,396. Yes, someone donated $1. It doesn’t matter, you can too.

Unlike other campaigns, this one is all or nothing. If he doesn’t reach his goal by November 29, he is not going to get what he has raised. His giveaways are not that great and that tells me that he is not interested in using the money raised to send you junk. Good sign.

Here’s Imran himself, introducing his campaign:

The Drone and the Kid – A fantasy short film that uses Pakistani drone strikes as a backdrop.

I wish him all the best, it’s a great undertaking with risks that most would avoid.

How to Create Ruby on Rails App Development Environment on Nitrous.IO

This how-to guide is to help One Month Rails students create an online app development environment on Nitrous.IO instead of one on their computer. You can use this guide to compliment Lesson 7, which deals with creating a new app. By the end of this how-to, you will be able to preview your newly created app.

If you are not One Month Rails student, it’s still a valid guide. Just don’t name your app “omrails.”

Let’s start.

Assuming you haven’t read my earlier post, Nitrous.IO is a Web Integrated Development Environment (WIDE). You will not need anything more than the free account that they provide when you signup.

Login and click on Boxes and then New Box. Here’s the page you will end up at:

Set up Nitrous.IO box

Make sure Ruby on Rails is selected, Name your box and select the region. I am in California, so I selected US West. Leave the Memory and Storage as it is, that’s just the default setup. Click “Create Box.”

Provisioning Nitrous.IO box

Here’s what WIDE looks like:
WIDE Nitrous.IO box

1 – Click X to close the chat window.
2 – Click X with arrows to expand the Console a.k.a the command line.

Believe it or not, you are ready to name your new app and start working on it.
Nitrous.IO console to create a new app

1 – Rails version 4.0.0
2 – Some Rails commands.
3 – Command to create a new rails app is rails new omrails (omrails is the name of the app)

That’s it, you are done creating your new app. Click X with arrows to go back to the Main screen.
Nitrous.IO Start rails server

1 – New app you created; click on the directory to see it’s structure.
2 – To see how your app looks like, you need to start rails server. In order to start the rails server, you should be in the app directory. Go to the Console and type the command cd omrails <enter> and then rails server <enter>.

Your rails server has started, it’s time to preview it.
Nitrous.IO Port 3000

1 – Click on Preview and select Port 3000

A new tab will open up and you will be able to preview your new app’s homepage:
Nitrous.IO Rails on port 3000

That’s it. We created a new app, started rails server and previewed the app.

FYI: Nitrous.IO has an excellent Support page. Happy learning.