Stop SOPA before it’s too late

In the tech community, SOPA is not news. For an average American, SOPA is unheard of. The traditional media and major news organizations have completely ignored SOPA as if it doesn’t exist. SOPA is real, it does exist and if passed could mean the end of internet as we know it.

Apart from calling your representative, bloggers and social media influencers should do couple things. If you are on WordPress, download the plugin, Stop SOPA Ribbon, look at the upper right corner to see how it looks like. Go to BlackoutSOPA and change your profile picture. Stop American Censorship has few different ways to highlight censorship, check that out too.

January 18th is the day that is designated for a massive awareness campaign. Reddit, Wikipedia, Cheezburger Network etc have confirmed that they will go dark in order to garner attention and call for action. Google and other major companies are anti-SOPA but won’t do much apart from having a stand.

+Paul Tassi from Forbes has created “Stop Internet Censorship by Protesting SOPA” event on Facebook. Plan to attend and follow the steps to get the word out.

Still don’t know what SOPA can do to the internet? Here’s an infographic that sums it all up, courtesy of Stop American Censorship

SOPA Infographic

Be prepared to make some noise.


[INFOGRAPHIC] The Science of Timing and Blogging

Timing is everything, and maintaining a blog is no exception to the rule. Learning when your audience is tuning in, and therefore when to post, is mandatory for any successful blogger.

Two Takeaways

- Post on Monday before 12:00pm.
- Post opinionated posts on Saturdays to generate discussion and comments.

by KISSmetrics via


Fresh New Social Media Icon Sets That Include Google+

Fresh New Social Media Icons Bloggers, designers, creative nerds and everyone in between, it’s about time you have an all-you-can-eat resource of social media icons. These icons are those small, sometimes big, images and graphics you see all over the internet. Primary use includes linking them to your social media profile.

My list consists of icon sets that include Google+, that’s why I say its fresh. Instead of listing Google+ icons, I decided that it would be better to link to icon sets that not only have Google+ but other icons. This will help you maintain uniformity across the board, see my header above, I am using Flippa Social Icon Set (below).

This is not an all inclusive list and I will be updating it as soon as I find new sets.

Wooden Social: Free Icon Set

Wooden Social: Free Icon Set

Wooden social free icon set consists of 10 icons for social media sites, including Google+,as well as common content-sharing icons like an RSS feed icon and an email icon.

Download | Visit the Author

Flippa Social Icon Set (PSD)

Flippa Social Icon Set (PSD)

Flippa Social Icon Set (PSD) includes 18 social icons in JPG, PNG & PSD Format in size 64x64px. This icon set includes Google+, Dribble, RSS, Forrst, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr, Digg, Last Fm, Stumbleupon, You Tube, Skype, Share This, Google, Linkedin, Gwolla and tumblr.

Download | Visit the Author

Somicro: 27 Free Simple Social Media Icons

Somicro: 27 Free Simple Social Media Icons

Somicro contains 27 icons covering most of the popular social networks out there including Google+

Download | Visit the Author

wplift social media icons

wplift social media icon set

70 social media icons including Google+.

Download | Visit the Author

Stained and Faded Social Media Icons

Stained and Faded Social Media Icons

Stained and Faded Social Media icon set includes 20 stained social media icons with one added for Google+.

Download | Visit the Author

Hand Drawn Social Media Icons

Hand Drawn Social Media Icons

15 hand-drawn social media icons for sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, RSS, Digg, StumbleUpon and more.

Download | Visit Author

Social Media Bookmarking Icons

Social Media Icons

Social media bookmarking icon set consisting of 38 individual icons of all popular social media sites including Google+. PNG format in size 64×64 and 32×32.

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Listen Up Bloggers, Your Content Belongs on Google Plus

It doesn’t matter if you blog for money, fame, or because you don’t have anything better to do, your content belongs on Google Plus.

This is you: your own blog > content > readers > credibility > share-ability > popularity > engagement.

Engagement is, majority of the time, the ultimate goal and if you can eliminate the “middle men,” why wouldn’t you?

Here’s you on Google Plus: content > share-ability > engagement.

This is radical, yet, understandable.

Google+ app icon

Plus is the shortest distance, if you get it right, between content and engagement. Once you have engagement, you have the platform. If you are selling something, engagement can mean more referrals. If you are going for the fame, your downline will respect your knowledge and opinion.

I blog because I want to share what I know. Money and fame is secondary.

When most users get tired of Facebook telling them what’s important, they will go back to what they know best, Google. Sooner or later, every Gmail user will have a profile on Google Plus and will circle few hundred people, family, friends, etc. Once that happens, your friends will be able to see the content you post and things you share when they Google something.

What I am suggesting relates more or less to a head start. Better be prepared than sorry.

What about SEO?

In 2 years, SEO will be irrelevant. Search will primarily be social. Content farms will die.

Recommendation: Post shareable content on Google Plus and your blog. Post opinion and your piece of mind on your blog with a snippet on Google Plus. Keep content that is your brainchild on your own blog. You own it, you keep it where you can control it. Everything else, just share!


Now Writing for

I recently applied to write for as a Santa Clara Technology Examiner. My first post, At $99, HP TouchPad is a Steal, was published yesterday.

My reason for writing for Examiner is simple, ability to make millions of dollar and quit my day job. JUST KIDDING. My real reason to write for Examiner is the fact that it has massive appeal and will provide me with more exposure. I don’t blog for money but I don’t mind being little famous, who does? I love to talk about technology and that’s what I will be doing for Examiner.

Of course, this blog is my first priority, and no amount of money can change that. Well, if it’s a million dollars then we can talk. But until then, you will find me here…

I hope you will subscribe to my Examiner RSS feed and support me, until I get to million dollars, that is.