Free stock image websites that don’t suck

Accept it, when you google for that perfect image to go with your excellent blog post, it seems like you are going in circles. There’s usually nothing decent to go with the post. I have written posts in 30 minutes¬†and then spent 2-3 days looking for a perfect image. I am not even OCD, well, on a good day.

So I finally decided to google, google and google some more – 10 pages and beyond. I found few sites that “don’t suck.” Not the absolute best, because there’s nothing that great out there, but there are sites that get the job done.

Here’s the list:

Lock and Stock Photos

Good quality stock photos, wish they would update more often.


After my first visit, it felt as if no one really updates the site. It promises 10 new stock photos every 10 days.

Little Visuals

Decent stock photos in your email every 7 days. I have yet to receive anything, 3 months and counting but they have posted some photos on the site that can be used to your heart’s desire.

Death to the Stock Photo

Sends you free stock photos every month. This one is for real, I have received one email every month since June.


Gets the job done and has a good search feature.


Has quite a few categories but it’s little slow to load and will often lead to “page not found.”


I know, you love to hate Flickr. Trust me, sometimes, you can find some really good images on Flickr.

Photo credit: Louish Pixel

Adsense Earnings since 2003

My AdSense earnings since 2003

AdSense first came to being in April of 2003 when Google acquired Applied Semantics. I signed up for AdSense in October of 2003 and have used it since to monetize my blogs and websites. I did try few other networks (CJ & LinkShare) but never had any major success. Primarily because they used the banner model whereas AdSense was text based and showed relevant ads.

Between October 2003 to December 2011, I made $7602.89 using AdSense. That’s little over $900/year. Not much by any standards but I don’t do this for living so I am not going to complain.

2007 was my best year because I was running number of websites that I ended up selling because of time constraints. Websites are akin to dividend paying stocks; more you have, more money you make.

I have never talked about my earnings in the past because I didn’t want to be seen as a blogger who is in it for money. I am talking about it now because I feel everyone should blog and most don’t because they don’t think it is rewarding. It can be as rewarding as you want it to be, just don’t quit your day job.

Stop SOPA before it’s too late

In the tech community, SOPA is not news. For an average American, SOPA is unheard of. The traditional media and major news organizations have completely ignored SOPA as if it doesn’t exist. SOPA is real, it does exist and if passed could mean the end of internet as we know it.

Apart from calling your representative, bloggers and social media influencers should do couple things. If you are on WordPress, download the plugin, Stop SOPA Ribbon, look at the upper right corner to see how it looks like. Go to BlackoutSOPA and change your profile picture. Stop American Censorship has few different ways to highlight censorship, check that out too.

January 18th is the day that is designated for a massive awareness campaign. Reddit, Wikipedia, Cheezburger Network etc have confirmed that they will go dark in order to garner attention and call for action. Google and other major companies are anti-SOPA but won’t do much apart from having a stand.

+Paul Tassi from Forbes has created “Stop Internet Censorship by Protesting SOPA” event on Facebook. Plan to attend and follow the steps to get the word out.

Still don’t know what SOPA can do to the internet? Here’s an infographic that sums it all up, courtesy of Stop American Censorship

SOPA Infographic

Be prepared to make some noise.


[INFOGRAPHIC] The Science of Timing and Blogging

Timing is everything, and maintaining a blog is no exception to the rule. Learning when your audience is tuning in, and therefore when to post, is mandatory for any successful blogger.

Two Takeaways

– Post on Monday before 12:00pm.
– Post opinionated posts on Saturdays to generate discussion and comments.

by KISSmetrics via



Fresh New Social Media Icon Sets That Include Google+

Fresh New Social Media Icons Bloggers, designers, creative nerds and everyone in between, it’s about time you have an all-you-can-eat resource of social media icons. These icons are those small, sometimes big, images and graphics you see all over the internet. Primary use includes linking them to your social media profile.

My list consists of icon sets that include Google+, that’s why I say its fresh. Instead of listing Google+ icons, I decided that it would be better to link to icon sets that not only have Google+ but other icons. This will help you maintain uniformity across the board, see my header above, I am using Flippa Social Icon Set (below).

This is not an all inclusive list and I will be updating it as soon as I find new sets.

Wooden Social: Free Icon Set

Wooden Social: Free Icon Set

Wooden social free icon set consists of 10 icons for social media sites, including Google+,as well as common content-sharing icons like an RSS feed icon and an email icon.

Download | Visit the Author

Flippa Social Icon Set (PSD)

Flippa Social Icon Set (PSD)

Flippa Social Icon Set (PSD) includes 18 social icons in JPG, PNG & PSD Format in size 64x64px. This icon set includes Google+, Dribble, RSS, Forrst, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr, Digg, Last Fm, Stumbleupon, You Tube, Skype, Share This, Google, Linkedin, Gwolla and tumblr.

Download | Visit the Author

Somicro: 27 Free Simple Social Media Icons

Somicro: 27 Free Simple Social Media Icons

Somicro contains 27 icons covering most of the popular social networks out there including Google+

Download | Visit the Author

wplift social media icons

wplift social media icon set

70 social media icons including Google+.

Download | Visit the Author

Stained and Faded Social Media Icons

Stained and Faded Social Media Icons

Stained and Faded Social Media icon set includes 20 stained social media icons with one added for Google+.

Download | Visit the Author

Hand Drawn Social Media Icons

Hand Drawn Social Media Icons

15 hand-drawn social media icons for sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, RSS, Digg, StumbleUpon and more.

Download | Visit Author

Social Media Bookmarking Icons

Social Media Icons

Social media bookmarking icon set consisting of 38 individual icons of all popular social media sites including Google+. PNG format in size 64×64 and 32×32.

Download | Visit the Author