Interesting Social Media Links Of The Week

Round up of Interesting Social Media Links Of The Week. These links are mostly newspaper and blog articles but may include occasional audio/video. The links below are handpicked and not computer generated.


A Dozen Applications for Social Media – Chief Marketer

Facebook might be making us overly social, says study – The Daily Texan

Help needed: social media security concerns in government – SF Chronicle Blogs

A Dangerous Federal Intervention in Social Media – Mediactive

Airlines and Social Media: Interview with American Airlines – Seattle PI

Facebook: Sentiment Measurement and social media – Laurel Papworth

Are You Practicing Proper Social Networking Etiquette? – Forbes

Some Social Media Stats for Your Weekend – Marketing Pilgrim


  • Shari Weiss

    Hey, Zahid, THX for the list of links. I'll follow up by {1} looking at them and {2] write a reaction to each. Just what I needed — something more to add to the list.

  • Zahid Lilani

    I will wait for your reactions :) BTW I plan to do this every week, you might want to set aside some time…

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  • Shari Weiss

    OK, Zahid et al . . . here are my opinions/observations on the articles you listed:
    1) A dozen applications for maximizing social media presence — including how to target advertising, use coupons, and set up sweepstakes.
    Businesses that want to capitalize on the power of social media NEED to (A) Define their objectives and (B) Find the online applications that will help them achieve desired results.

    ** Of course, one of the Cool Things about reading one post is the links it will suggest to others. So I linked on… and read the FIVE questions people ought to ask about using Twitter re: (A) Driving traffic to website; (B) Improving Google Page Rank; (c) Sell excess inventory and seasonal merchandise; (D) Building and maintaining reputation; (e) Adding value, not just spam

    No one reads long comments, so I'll quit here for now. Great article. THX