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Free stock image websites that don’t suck

Accept it, when you google for that perfect image to go with your excellent blog post, it seems like you are going in circles. There’s usually nothing decent to go with the post. I have written posts in 30 minutes and then spent 2-3 days looking for a perfect image. I am not even OCD, well, on a good day.

So I finally decided to google, google and google some more – 10 pages and beyond. I found few sites that “don’t suck.” Not the absolute best, because there’s nothing that great out there, but there are sites that get the job done.

Here’s the list:

Lock and Stock Photos

Good quality stock photos, wish they would update more often.


After my first visit, it felt as if no one really updates the site. It promises 10 new stock photos every 10 days.

Little Visuals

Decent stock photos in your email every 7 days. I have yet to receive anything, 3 months and counting but they have posted some photos on the site that can be used to your heart’s desire.

Death to the Stock Photo

Sends you free stock photos every month. This one is for real, I have received one email every month since June.


Gets the job done and has a good search feature.


Has quite a few categories but it’s little slow to load and will often lead to “page not found.”


I know, you love to hate Flickr. Trust me, sometimes, you can find some really good images on Flickr.

Photo credit: Louish Pixel


You need a great team when buying your first home

We recently closed on a Townhouse in San Jose, CA. Yay. Our first home.

We had been in the market for a while. First, it seemed like 2014 was not the year we make the move. Bay area housing market is on fire. For every home, there are at least 12-15 offers on average and every offer is over the listing price by good 10%-15%. Thank you IPO millionaires, investors from other states and foreign cash buyers.

In January, we got pre-approved from a mortgage company in a different state. We did that to gauge our finances and the market. Also, we didn’t have a Realtor at that time. We figured, let’s just use Redfin, Zillow, Trulia etc to search and if something peaks our interest, we can find someone to represent us.

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Indiegogo campaign for XGear ends in 48 hours

XGear is a small auto accessory that plugs in to your car’s data port and extracts data being continuously collected and quantifies it. All this is done seamlessly without any human interaction and with pinpoint accuracy.

You get to learn about your car and understand your driving behavior. At the same time, it also provides you information about your car’s maintenance and other safety related issues. Bye bye unnecessary oil changes every 3000 miles.

Currently, XGear is trying to raise money on Indiegogo. Their goal is a modest $10,000 out of which they have already raised $5,134 as of this post. 48 hours remaining…

IoT is all the rage and this product is extremely promising. I can’t wait to get mine…